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Building the future of urban community living

Akarora is a pioneering social venture to provide homes that are affordable, sustainable and healthy to the most challenged in society.

We want to put affordable housing in reach of the poorest, and help communities build thriving, prosperous lives. The project is the vision of lawyer-turned social entrepreneur Gunraj Arora, working with local partners to deliver the future of urban community living.

Our Mission

More than half the world’s population lives in cities – and this trend is accelerating. But far too many of us are living in slums – 1 billion people, an eighth of the global population. If we do not act, this number could double by 2030.

The mission of Akarora Impact is to ensure affordable housing and essential services are within reach of all low income families.

From our origins in Kenya, we plan to grow across Africa and internationally, building real communities, and reinvesting our profits to realise our values.

Our Impact


Working with our specialist partners to provide qualified teachers and support, and aid the growth of talent, health and ability.


Implementing green energy solutions, rain water harvesting and waste recycling, and other methods to minimise damaging outputs.


Working with our partners we will provide an on-site healthcare facility with qualified health practitioners.


We build more than housing – we aim to build lasting connections between people. Strengthening the social bonds, and improving economic prospects.

The Project

Our first development will be in a specially selected location on the outskirts of Nairobi, a thriving city, but one where more than half of residents live in substandard housing.

Comprised of 200 units, the project will include space for community activity and sports, a healthcare centre, an Early Childhood Development centre, and other key facilities.

Working with a range of local partners, we see this stage of the project as an opportunity to prove the approach, before expanding it across Kenya and internationally.

We want to put affordable housing in reach of the poorest, and help communities build thriving, prosperous lives.

Gunraj AroraFounder, Akarora
Gunraj Arora, founder of Akarora Impact

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